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Ep. 16: Aaron’s COVID-19 Postgame Show

Ep. 16: Aaron’s COVID-19 Postgame Show

February 12, 2021

Aaron Arruda caught the virus. He chats with co-host Chris Mycoskie about the ordeal (25:35). 

Other topics include a lack of Super Bowl excitement, the tough task of finding a bicycle in this world, and our favorite masks.

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Ep. 15: Election Day Aftermath

Ep. 15: Election Day Aftermath

November 7, 2020

Hosts Aaron Arruda and Chris Mycoskie wanted to wait until a winner was declared before commenting on the presidential election. That finally happened Saturday morning, as all major news outlets proclaimed Joe Biden the victor

Our guest is Marisa Williams, a Texas transplant from California and Aaron's new neighbor. According to The Atlantic, Texas "has been the most popular destination for outbound Californians for more than a decade, consistently averaging about 60,000 to 70,000 new Golden Staters per year." That conversation begins at the 22:52 mark.

Ep. 14: Presidential Debate Recap

Ep. 14: Presidential Debate Recap

October 23, 2020

The mute button and moderator Kristen Welker were co-MVPs of the final debate between President Donald J. Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. Aaron Arruda and Chris Mycoskie look back at Thursday's affair, which likely didn't change a single mind. Aaron also celebrates iPhone 12 release day, and admits he hasn't watched a second of the World Series. 

Ep. 13: Author Andi Cook

Ep. 13: Author Andi Cook

September 30, 2020

Hosts Chris Mycoskie and Aaron Arruda are back just in time to recap Tuesday night's presidential debate. Plus, sports are in the midst of a fall frenzy (19:30) with NBA playoffs and the MLB postseason happening simultaneously.

Author Andi Cook joins No Longer Neighbors to talk about her book, titled Up From the Ashes (31:33).

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Ep. 12: Kyle Roberts

Ep. 12: Kyle Roberts

September 10, 2020

Topping our current events segment, Apple fans will have to wait a little longer for news about iPhone 12. The company's September event will reportedly focus on iPad and Apple Watch details. Hosts Aaron Arruda and Chris Mycoskie also discuss WGN America's NewsNation, a new primetime newscast that aims to deliver unbiased coverage. Plus, the NFL season kicked off Thursday with the Houston Texans remaining in the locker room during the national anthem, then locking arms with the Kansas City Chiefs for a moment of unity.  

Kyle Roberts is this week's guest (16:44). He released the Noble Prizes EP in July, with a full album expected to follow in September. After serving as the guinea pig for the No Longer Neighbors rapid response game, Kyle talks about the motivation for finally putting his own music into the world. 

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Ep. 11: Chris Landry -

Ep. 11: Chris Landry -

August 28, 2020

Aaron Arruda and Chris Mycoskie profoundly begin with their thoughts on President Donald J. Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. After that, they discuss the historic week in professional sports (20:24) as players from the NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, and WNBA opted not to play as a way to bring attention to racial injustice and potentially bring about change.

This week’s guest is Chris Landry (34:25), who has spent a lifetime in football as a coach, scout, and administrator. He shares his insight on the 2020 season, which will be bizarre in so many ways. The first college game is Saturday, as Central Arkansas faces Austin Peay in the FCS Kickoff. FBS teams get started next Thursday, Sept. 3.

Landry also runs the, which includes podcasts, articles, and analysis. Our own Chris Mycoskie will join the team this season, hosting “Group of Five Live,” a podcast focused on the American, C-USA, Mountain West, MAC, and Sun Belt.

This episode closes with Arruda and Mycoskie highlighting some other podcasts they love (1:15:31).



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Ep. 10: Dr. Brian Franklin - SMU Center for Presidential History

Ep. 10: Dr. Brian Franklin - SMU Center for Presidential History

August 21, 2020

Hosts Chris Mycoskie and Aaron Arruda begin with the biggest sports story of the week. In the first game of Wednesday’s Cincinnati Reds vs. Kansas City Royals doubleheader, play-by-play announcer Thom Brennaman issued a gay slur when he thought the broadcast was still in a commercial break (2:00). As it turned out, the MLB.TV feed carried his comment live. Brennaman left the booth during the second game, but not before Nick Castellanos hit a home run mid-apology. He’s subsequently been suspended from Cincinnati regional broadcasts, plus FOX pulled him from NFL games.  

Then politics take over the show, starting with the selection of Kamala Harris as the Democratic VP nominee (14:20). That’s followed by a review of the Democratic National Convention (18:35), including the production value and the biggest speeches.

This week’s guest is Dr. Brian Franklin from the SMU Center for Presidential History (36:45). President Donald Trump recently said Joe Biden is “against the Bible” and “against religion.” Brian looked back at Jefferson vs. Adams in 1800 and found similar attacks. Not from the candidates themselves, but from commentaries in propagandist newspapers.

Looking at today’s hyper-partisanship, Brian believes George Washington would be baffled and hurt (39:15). Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton despised each other and likely wouldn’t have a problem with the current state of affairs.

To contrast the first president of the United States with the man currently holding the office (40:49), Brian says Washington was incredibly conscious of every single thing he did and said, being very careful about his words and actions. Washington knew he was setting an example. It’s clear that’s not the case with Trump. He wants to get his point across and doesn’t seem to take great care in the manner he uses to do so.



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Ep. 9: Sean Kelley - ESPN Radio

Ep. 9: Sean Kelley - ESPN Radio

August 14, 2020

ESPN Radio play-by-play announcer Sean Kelley returns to his broadcast position inside the NBA bubble next week. Thursday, he’ll have the Western Conference first-round matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and whoever emerges as the number eight seed (Portland or Memphis). But before heading back to Orlando, he’s talking with Aaron Arruda and Chris Mycoskie on the No Longer Neighbors podcast. That conversation begins at the 24:22 mark.

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Ep. 8: Chris Halicke - Sports Illustrated

Ep. 8: Chris Halicke - Sports Illustrated

August 7, 2020

Co-hosts Aaron Arruda and Chris Mycoskie begin with a recap of the week's news, including the explosion in Beirut (3:00), President Trump threatening to ban TikTok (5:55), Mike Golic's run on ESPN Radio ending (8:46), and Mulan coming directly to Disney Plus (13:05).

This week's guest is Chris Halicke, who covers Major League Baseball and the Texas Rangers beat for Sports Illustrated (21:11). While fans are banned from attending MLB games right now, he's one of the privileged few who get to be inside the ballpark (28:30). We've already seen the Marlins and Cardinals suffer COVID-19 outbreaks in their clubhouses, so what is his level of optimism for the season being played to completion (35:30)? 


Sports Illustrated Inside the Rangers: ...

North Texas Nine podcast: ...

Michelle Lesco eats five pounds of mayo in three minutes:




Ep. 7: Shawn Lane

Ep. 7: Shawn Lane

August 1, 2020

While Chris Mycoskie was upset about Cory Kluber and Jose Leclerc suffering injuries for his beloved Texas Rangers, it turns out a different affliction would affect the show more directly. Aaron Arruda ruptured his Achilles tendon this week while playing pickleball

After going over the play-by-play of that pain, Chris talks about the massive amount of debt he overcame with the help of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course (8:05).

This week's guest is Shawn Lane from Financial Renovation Solutions, Inc. He works to better people's lives, in part by helping them improve their credit scores (19:52).

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